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Muslim-friendly vacations

As a Muslim tourist it is not always easy to live up to your beliefs. Different cultures and different habits might make your own ones more difficult to follow. You don’t have to be a fanatic to want a real Muslim, and you just want to live up to some basic principles.

In one country it might be harder than in another one to follow your beliefs. If you go to another Muslim country, most of your beliefs will be shared by the locals. However habits can also change from country to country. Besides, mass-tourism has opened the gates to people from all over the world and many hotels have adapted to the other needs.

100% Halal Hotels

That is why for a Muslim is good to search for halal hotels. Not only in Western countries, but also in traditionally Muslim countries. Halal hotel can be distinguished how they prepare food, if it is 100% halal, or if the have at least some halal dishes. Besides, how their alcohol policy is, if they bear in mind that some people don’t want to see any alcohol near them. And last if swimming and spa facilities are separated for men and women.

Not every item might be the most important to you. That is why we have given three labels to our selection of hotels, how they deal with these topics. For your comfort, in order that you can select the hotel that fits your wishes the most in order to have a relaxing time.

Halal food

Halal food is the main criteria how we selected the top 10 of Muslim-friendly hotels. We mainly select hotels where the serve 100% halal meals, in order that you don’t have to worry about what you eat, and don’t have to ask for it. At some destinations like in Europe, it might be a bit harder to find hotels that only serve halal meals. Therefore we selected hotels as well that at least have some halal options on the menu. Besides there are hotels that can make halal meals for you when you request it. It is always smart to mention your wishes at the remarks section at your booking, so the hotel is prepared for your special wishes.

No alcohol policy

Besides we look for hotels that don’t serve alcohol. That might be relatively easy in countries like Turkey, Morocco and Dubai. However in Europe it might be a bit harder to find alcohol-free hotels. But we have found hotels that are very Muslim-friendly and who can remove all alcohol from the minibar upfront, so you are not in contact with alcohol. Also regarding this point it is always good to mention this at your reservation so the hotel is prepared for you wishes.

Women friendly facilities

As a Muslim woman you might want to take a dip in the swimming pool or sea, or use the spa or hammam facilities in a safe and relaxing way. We have found many hotels that offer separated facilities for men and women. Or mixed facilities where women can enter with a burkini. This is not possible at every destination, so we included a selection of hotels that offers rooms with private, fully secluded swimming pools, so you can relax peacefully.

Muslim peers

How you want to travel is up to you, and no Muslim is alike. Some want to be with other Muslims, and others don’t care with whom they are are around. There are travel options and solutions for everyone. It goes without saying that in countries like the UK and Spain you have less Muslim peers around you than in countries like Morocco and Turkey. But that is the fine thing about travelling and it is an individual choice for everyone. We just want to offer you the best options to travel in a relaxed way in order to enjoy new impressions.

Halal Hotels

We have selected some destinations to start and will come with new destinations shortly. For every destination we have selected a top 10 of the best halal hotels. For every hotel we have noted the grade other bookers have given it (at a scale from 1 to 10), the amount of stars and the price range (€ is below €100, €€ from €101 to €200 , €€€ from €201 to €300 and €€€€ from €301 and up).

We hope you find our selection helpful and we always are looking forward for your feedback. Do you look for other destinations or have you found another halal hotel that might qualify for our top 10? Please let us know!


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